1 Post a Day, 250 Words Max

This was my brief to myself for the next 30 days.

It feels like the most logical, smartest thing I’ve done in years. The idea came after talking to one of the best writers I know, and one of my favorite creative directors.

George is a professional copywriter for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, on behalf of some of the biggest, most complex brands out there. And he does it with humility, courage, humor, intellectual rigor and honesty. He’s great at taking the most tactical, dreadful conversation and turning it into one about human truth, empathy and emotion.

I’ll never forget our first meeting together. It was my first week at work, on one of the biggest, oldest B2B enterprise technology brands. Like most meetings, this one was full of buzzwords, empty promises and positioning statements that say everything and nothing at the same time.

George ripped into the discussion in a way that was disruptive yet constructive.

It’s inspiring and intimidating.

He also writes a blog. Last week, I caught George at the end of a rough day for us both. We talked about writing and I opened up about my insecurities. He told me writing a blog makes him a better writer. Even as I’m writing this I’m worrying about what he’d think about this post if he saw it.

Which he won’t.

As he said himself – “Let’s face it: no one’s going to see your blog, at least in the beginning”.

George: this one’s for you.


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