Why Did I Stop Writing?

I like writing email subject lines. And headlines of blog posts. I guess I like writing.

But I stopped. It stopped feeling good to write, and started to feel…difficult. More than writing college essays, a thesis paper (which was extremely painful, not just because it wasn’t an “official” thesis paper since the professors who had inspired my interest in what I wanted to write about were all all away doing research or on sabbatical during my senior year). And more difficult than writing letters about difficult subjects to loved ones.

Years ago, I was a writer at a startup where I wrote about web design, user experience and mobile technology. I loved it. Each week I’d research these topics online, and produce original content in a way that was tailored for an international audience of anyone who needed a website. For their small business, their creative passion, their event, non-profit organization or portfolio.

I would also write thoughtfully composed emails to my friends and family. And blog posts about my daily experiences and things I was thinking about. I didn’t put too much pressure on myself to do any of those things. I wrote. I’d read what I wrote, do a little editing, and move onto the next activity.

Now, I’m a strategist at a creative ad agency. Now I think and overthink and read and analyze and overanalyze.

And I stopped writing.

I’m at my word limit for my posts (250) so more to come later.



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