How to Write For the Web: A Haiku

Web writing is weird:
Social, blogs, website copy.
I get to write for work.

Since we all do it,
We all think we do it well.
Yet this is not true.

Long Facebook posts…and
Overly wordy blog posts…
Boring and dull tweets.

Avoid filler words.
Learn how to use a comma.
Maybe try spell check.

Sorry I’m a bitch;
Actually I’m not sorry.
Please learn how to write.

Read more, to improve.
Not for vocabulary,
But for style and voice.

Read Copyblogger.
Use as few words as you can.
Know that less is more.

“Yeah, but SEO!
You need more content to rank!”
NO. You need readers.

Return visitors.
To show actual value,
Have something to say.

Say it well – and quick.
Ain’t no one’s got time for FLUFF.
Spit it out. EDIT.

Have someone else look.
Cut out half of what you wrote.
Keep it short and sweet.

Writing for the web
Is more than Facebook posting.
OK, everyone?

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