Possible Alternative Titles for My Blog

Help me pick a title for my blog. OK? We don’t even know each other and I’m seriously going to consider your suggestion as though it were my own. That’s how much I hate making decisions. 

This evening I ate a large Italian dinner with my family and I feel fat and sassy and not in the mood to write. Yet I promised myself I’d write every day for NaBloPoMo and since I already missed about 1/3 of the days, I’m going to go ahead and get this list of potential blog titles out of my head and onto this magic screen:

  • Someone Who Watches a Lot of Law & Order SVU
  • The Tale of the Social Media Specialist with Social Anxiety and Other Horror Stories
  • Thoughts From My Couch and Other Unoriginal Titles
  • How to Write a Shitty Blog Title, by Mostly Everyone
  • My Daily Reason for Hating the Entire World Including Myself
  • Contradictions, Opposites and Vertigo
  • Why I Wish Olivia Benson Would Comfort Me After a Hard Day of Work
  • Steppenchik (like Steppenwolf but a GIRL)
  • Will Change Soon (same idea as Title Under Construction; symbolizes both a lack of commitment and a dangerously open mind)
  • The Fated Urchin (both a pun and a tattoo)
  • Blah Blah Blah
  • Burp
  • This Is The Worst Blog Post Ever
  • Don’t Hate Me (Or Unfollow Me)
  • These Aren’t Even Titles, They’re Literally Just Thoughts Written in Bullet Form with Capitalization

What do you think? Some of these are jokes but some are dead serious. OK thanks bye!

8 thoughts on “Possible Alternative Titles for My Blog

  1. Haha, I hate coming up with titles for things. I constantly think about changing the name of my blog, but I am the least creative person you have ever met and cannot come up with anything.

    This one intrigues me: The Tale of the Social Media Specialist with Social Anxiety and Other Horror Stories. Mostly because I also have social anxiety 😉

    • Social anxiety is the worst-slash-best thing ever. Mine is a lot less severe than it was before I lived abroad and traveled for a few years, but it definitely is part of me. I wear it like a badge of honor in a way. Sometimes I consider writing about it more intentionally and directly, but get too shy 🙂

  2. I actually like Thoughts from my Couch and Other Unoriginal Titles. Or you could do a play off your Title Under Construction and go with Life Under Construction.

  3. Thanks for noticing my new blog. I think you should leave your blog untitled. I know “Untitled” looks nasty in search results, but WGAF.

    • You mean leave it as “Title Under Construction”? I like how descriptive yours is. I’m trying to use NaBloPoMo to attain focus. Have also been feeling that way since 2003.

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