$100 Million in Life Advice

Today I learned some valuable life advice tonight at a celebration in honor of Wix’ IPO, at their NY office. Lots of the original employees from the Israeli office were there. I wound up smoking on the roof with a bunch of the senior developers (felt just like old times) and one of them gave me some really legit advice on leading a balanced life:

  1. Find something you don’t despise doing and aren’t morally opposed to. This can be your job. Or, you can work at a gas station.
  2. Set strict limits on how much of your time/energy is devoted to work (sorry Joe, my manager, if you’re reading this-slash-obviously you’re reading this you love me hello hi I’m coming in late as usual) but make the most of that time and work smartly and quickly.
  3. Work on art projects with other people. It will force you to complete things, is a valuable learning experience and can be extremely rewarding.
  4. Do small, hassle-free things you enjoy during wait times, at work, etc.  like 5-minute sketches

This came from someone with 30 years of development experience (or maybe 12, one or the other). OK sleep time bye.

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