I’m Torn Over Beautiful Things

beautiful things

I want to produce beautiful things. Things people really need – not just things we convince people they need.

Beautiful things means things that improve other things:

  • Appearances of walls or websites
  • The way someone views him or herself
  • The way a group views itself

I want to shift the perspective of others. Change how things appear….or how they appear to appear. Stir conversation and then participate in the conversation, and have the other participants be people with whom I genuinely want to interact…or at least are people who have worthwhile interactions amongst themselves. (Fake “communities” of low-committal users bore me in a way that is beyond boring. I’d literally rather sit on my ass on the floor of a New York City street corner and engage in small-talk with passersby, than dedicate time and energy toward “building a following” for a brand/product/company that doesn’t have its shit together and is solely relying on “marketing magic” and manipulation.)

On one hand this feels like the most natural thing in the world to want. On the other, it’s too vague to matter. I think there’s a Creative Director out there somewhere, in Portugal or Thailand or Westchester who will one day find this blog and say “By golly, this girl’s got it!”

I crave real shit. Real company shit. Promoting things with value.

Beautiful things.

2 thoughts on “I’m Torn Over Beautiful Things

  1. I hope you don’t think I’m trolling your blog, but I am definitely reading back a bit. I so get this. I have been working a job for the past year that has had a majority focus on “improving” and raising the interactions of this place’s social media. When I started I felt kind of gung-ho because I certainly philosophically believe there are ways to really connect with people through quality social media; 11 months in I spend every week thinking “This is not where it’s at. These connections are not as “quality” as I thought. We’re losing something way more valuable and tangible.” I know in 2013 the world thinks THIS (facebook, twitter, branding, etc.) is where it’s at, where we “reach” people, but this year has shown me – maybe mostly because it’s how I feel after working just such a job – that people want something “real”er than what we’re getting and giving through touchscreens and virtual-connectedness. I think we miss the beauty of what is really real; people, relationships, heart-connections. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…I miss the beauty, and the literally looking straight into the eye of the beholder in three dimensions.

    You may have not said one word of what I think you said :). But know it got me thinking . . .

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