I haven’t written in awhile. I like knowing my blog is waiting for me to get back in touch with the part of myself I’m in touch with when I’m writing here.

Maybe I should read a book about blogging. Or a blog about blogging. And then stuff myself into my own armpit. Maybe that way I’d feel more solid about what I’m looking for here.

Moving Back and Moving Forward

It’s been 1 full year since I moved back to the states. This fact makes me sick to my stomach. And the fact that it has this effect on me causes an extra layer of unease.

Why am I so discontent? What did I expect? What can I do to bridge the gap? Should I have remained living there?

How do you know when enough is enough and you settle down and stay put?

There are countless places I want to live. Really live. Spend 3 or 4 years, to fully absorb my surroundings and rediscover myself in a whole new environment. I find the process thrilling – to sift out the parts of your personality that are truly you. To separate those parts of you that keep popping up and re-emerging although camouflaged at first glance. New relationships, challenges, locations, friendships, conversations, concerns, even measurements. Flirting with the metric system. Different currencies. Asia. I miss Asia in an oddly focused way. How totally foreign it was; totally unfamiliar. A blank slate, minimal common ground with strangers.

The beauty in connecting with someone you apparently have nothing in common with. I crave. crave. crave that.

What can I do with my life that’s a) creative, b) >50% people-oriented, c) has potential to make a difference in others’ lives and d)turn into a meaningful career?

Accepting suggestions.