Maira Kalman and MadMen on The Love of Walking

Love this video clip of illustrator Maira Kalman explaining her love of walking, as a source of inspiration and meditation. She beautifully describes the feeling I get every time I walk around New York for more than just a quick dog-pee around the block (and sometimes even during those walks).

There’s something so fun about exploring, discovering the tiny things you think others might not notice. I love finding children’s toys on the street; there’s a sad but beautiful juxtaposition between a bright and cheery toy lying discarded on a gray, grimy city street.

duck toy on street

What was serendipitous about discovering Kalman’s video today (thanks to Brain Pickings), is that last night I watched an early episode of MadMen, in which new neighbor and divorcee Helen Bishop explains to a group of perplexed housewives why she goes on walks around the neighborhood. A very interesting social commentary on how back then the value of “clearing one’s head” was not the shameless act of self-preservation it is today.

madmen helen bishop on love of walking

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