My First Time at Comedy Cellar, NYC

I wrote this in an e-mail response to the Comedy Cellar after they wrote to me asking how my experience last night was. I love providing customer feedback so felt this was a terrific opportunity to make myself feel accomplished for the day.


Last night was my first show at Comedy Cellar (as an audience member. I’ve been a presenter hundreds of times.) 

That’s a lie, it was my first time all together.
I really didn’t know what to expect, especially since I forgot my ID at home and wasn’t sure I’d be allowed in (I’m 27), but you guys let me in, just said I wouldn’t be allowed to drink, but I don’t really like drinking anyway so it was really a win-win. The bouncer was very nice and professional and also scary looking, which is a nice combination for bouncers.
The comics were outstanding. My favorite was Kurt Metzger. He was extremely offensive, had impeccable delivery and really made me want to become his best friend ever. Mike Vecchione was also great, and I actually think he came on right after Metzger which was nice since their styles are so different, and he had a lot of “positivity” in his act. I felt like the 1 girl comic, Nikki, made a few too many vagina jokes. Like 15-20 are OK but when you reach 459 it’s too much.

My server, Paul, was a sweetheart. Even when my friend sent back her soda by just stating “I don’t like it”, he was very apologetic. 
I hope to return for many more shows, and to remember my ID next time. 


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