OPT: Other People’s Tupperware


We all have some of it in our kitchens. It’s not pretty, and it’s not easy to even admit to yourself. You take home leftovers from a dinner party or your parent’s house, and you realize you’re growing a collection of mismatched plastic tupperware containers in the depths of your kitchen cabinets.

When it comes time to move apartments, you’re tasked with the unpleasant decision: Do I toss these innocent people’s tupperware? Some of the tops mysteriously have no bottom counterpart. Some are just crappy take-out containers. But you got them as gifts from some kind soul who fed you, and sent you home with even more food.

It’s just a shitty situation. Thankfully, the recycling bin will make me feel a little bit better about myself. Isn’t that what recycling is for anyway? Everyone wins.

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