In Tel Aviv You Can Take Your Dog Almost Anywhere

I take my dog with me to:

  • work 3-4x per week
  • therapy
  • cafes and restaurants
  • bars
  • the mall

This is not going to be the case once I return to NY. It seems like everyone in Tel Aviv has a dog; most if not all of my close friends do. We talk about our dogs, they play with each other, we have days at the park for humans and dogs….


Today I went to Florentin, a neighorhood in South Tel Aviv known for its grittiness. I took my dog with me, and we stopped at some random felafel place on Derech Salame (a real sh*thole of a busy street). I asked the guy at the counter for a cup of water, and said it was for my dog when he asked what kind of water I want. He got me the cup, but added “please take your dog outside, there are people eating in here.”

I bring my dog with me to nice, sit-down restaurants in expensive neighborhoods. This guy kicked her out of a small, dark felafel place, with 3 patrons inside.

The interesting thing about this – is that I really can’t blame him. He’s absolutely right. But I’ve grown so accustomed to taking her with me wherever I go, without a second thought, that I felt shafted at first. I wanted to laugh, and say “You silly felafel man! I can bring her everywhere – but THIS PLACE?!?!

I reserved my judgment. And realize it’s one more f*cking thing that will require some readjusting when I move back to NY. It’s funny because I remember my initial shock – at dogs being allowed into cafes. I was at one, where two yellow labs were playing with each other while people sipped their coffees, read the paper and chatted with friends, as if there were not two humongous animals acting as though they were outside – INSIDE.

It’s amazing how sharply changed my perception of this small aspect of Tel Avivian life is.

5 thoughts on “In Tel Aviv You Can Take Your Dog Almost Anywhere

  1. I wrote a bit about dogs in Israel in one of my posts (MentalManna–where you found the Orna & Ella interior picture you said you liked 🙂 ). You’re absolutely right–people take them everywhere. And they’re also just running around loose everywhere! But it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    We’re also heading back to NY soon. We came for a year. How long have you been here and what have you been up to?

    • I’ve been back in NY for just 2 weeks. Parents live here. Was living in Israel for 3.5 years so am just getting back into the swing of things stateside. ;P You?

      • I’m living in Israel for a year between undergrad and law school. Working, spending time with family, etc. Are you glad to be back in NY? Despite loving it here, I’m really starting to miss it!

  2. Very happy to be back in NY, but missing Tel Aviv – that’s the way it will be, I think, from now on. You have an end in sight, so I wouldn’t stress and just enjoy it while it lasts!

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