Why I Like Blogging

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why blogging is so popular, and why I enjoy it despite its bad rep for enabling stupid boring people to publish content.

I like blogging for the idea of blogging. I think above all for its ability to help you categorize your thoughts, and re-categorize them, in a semi-permanent manner. You put your thoughts out there – so the cathartic, therapeutic aspect of writing is involved. But the fact that it’s online makes it accessible to your audience – and yourself – from literally everywhere. It’s like a billboard that might not be seen by many, but is out there. It’s possible that important people could some day see your words. A future employer. The President, maybe.

I love tagging. Love it. I think its fascinating to learn what your own trends of thought are. What themes exist in your own mind. I don’t have a focused blog; my blog exists to provide me with focus. To throw all my ideas and crap out there and to see what sticks. What I return to, what evolves.

I run a blog at work, and I’ve lately been going crazy reorganizing its categories and tags. I keep changing what I want the concept and the focus to be, what I want emphasized, what should be a category and what should be a tag. I think I could read or write a few blog posts about that idea…

It’s also nice to be able to return later to this stuff. Or the idea that you can if you want to. I’ve kept journals since I was in 8th grade. I have my entire highschool existence recorded in a single notebook of thick, bond or cotton blue paper. And college. And my time in Israel, actually.

Returning to old blog posts is less daunting than leafing through an old journal. You can filter. Only see things you want to see. Refer quickly to a specific idea or concept you wish to reexamine. It’s much more pleasant than letting curiosity get the best of you and diving into an old journal only to re-experience some anxiety or depression-ridden state from highschool.