5 Headlines I’m Sick of Reading

Writing just for the sake of writing is bullshit. It makes me feel like shit. Reading shit other people wrote just for the sake of writing makes my brain go muddy. More and more things I read online – on websites and blogs – seem to be written with as many words as possible, about topics that just don’t need to be written about.

Specifically I’m referring to online marketing and all it entails. Blogs written about web design, for example. They all say the Exact. Same. Thing. Other than showcase posts with 29 Stunning Photographs of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and crap like that, the content is literally the same common-sense nonsense reworded and repackaged.

Top 5 Headlines Related to Web I’m Sick of:

  • 5 Usability Tips to Freshen Up Your Website
  • 10 Apps Your Small Business Should Have
  • What Every Designer Must Know About Building a Website
  • How to Write Killer Headlines
  • Writing Content for Online Visitors

Oh, when building a website, I shouldn’t use a shit-load of animation, different styles of fonts or music set to auto-play? Never would have thought of that. It’s important to make my website “user-friendly”? Who would have thought?!?

I realize I’m just overly-saturated with this stuff, but honestly I can’t take it anymore. It’s also great when someone at work legitimately tries explaining to me “People love lists. Write blog posts in list form.” or “Use ‘power words’ and a ‘call to action’. Blow me. That’s an action.


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